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General Categories in Global Scan®

In essence, our clients present us with a fact scenario problem and we provide an array of proposed solutions. Our on-line databases and human assets are used to implement those solutions. Most Global Scan® assignments, we concentrate on the following general categories:

  • Banking, financial and credit relationships, including addresses and names of institutions. This search does not include account numbers, balances, or personal account information which must be obtained through other legal means, such as court process*
  • Real estate holdings, real estate trusts, and real property conveyances
  • Corporate affiliations, executive associations and self-confessed employment
  • Litigation, including criminal arrests in their area of residence
  • Newspaper, magazine, trade journal, wire service reports
  • Known associates, family members and close friends that may be used to transfer or convey assets
  • Identification of trade creditors, credit card companies, utility companies banks, or other entities that the target would be paying with some type of instrument. These searches do not include identification of the bank that a check is drawn upon, or the account number, just the bill that is being paid*
  • Identification of telephone numbers, cellular numbers, and mobile telephone numbers; together with long distance carriers. This search does not include a detail of the numbers dialed, or the subscribers to the numbers dialed, which can only be obtained through other legal means, such as court process, etc.*

Beyond General Categories

In addition of eight general categories of data, ICI is also specialized in In-Depth Searches, depending on the requirements of counsel, the facts of the case, the permissible purpose to obtain the information, and the intended end-user. Learn more about "Specialized In-Depth Searches"

If you wish ICI to perform the Global Scan® service, please fill out the Inquiry Form in our Customer Services section. We must verify your licensure status and then forward a quote to you.

If you have any questions about Global Scan®, please contact us.


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