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Cost of Global Scan®

We cites a specific charge for each order

The prices range depending on many variables such as the country involved, the turnaround time, and the number of people being searched. Call us for an exact quote which includes all downloads, research, analysis, report preparation, delivery and telephone consultation.

We need some essential details from counsel, such as a name, address or phone number. Based upon this information alone, we will provide you an the exact cost to do the Global Scan®, the turnaround time, approximate length of the report and what information is available.

It may be necessary to conduct ground investigation in the US or some foreign country. Once the initial searches are done and ICI's intelligence analysts have reviewed them for additional leads, sources can be used to do follow-up investigation. However, ground investigation is not part of this proposal and the costs associated therewith can only be determined after we do the full Global Scan®.

ICI's Specialties in Intelligence Gathering

ICI's network affiliates are former career Foreign Service officials in the United States and abroad that have worked in the field of counterintelligence, money laundering detection, and international finance.

ICI's management team includes experts in litigation management and administration with 20 years' experience in intelligence gathering, data interpretations, and criminal investigations; professionals in psychology and management-sciences who have testified throughout the country as expert witnesses in complex federal and state litigation; and staff members who have over 25 years of U.S. Foreign Service experience, specializing in overseas investigations and risk-analysis.

These specialists, combined with other experts who focus on the more technical assignments, enable ICI to evaluate large volumes of raw data for well-defined purposes.

Advantages of Our Services

As an outside purveyor of investigative services, ICI removes the client from direct involvement with sensitive inquiries. That is one reason ICI's client list includes many of America's largest and most prestigious law firms which have their own in-house electronic database capability. Among the advantages it offers, ICI:

  • Constructs customized searches depending on the investigative objectives of counsel and the type of information that is needed.
  • Conducts all inquiries, electronic and otherwise, on its own authority. The law firm client, and its ultimate client, is not identified with the investigation.
  • Keeps abreast of new database sources used in all legal specialties. Furthermore, it constantly uses these sources and knows their capabilities from experience.
  • Expands to meet unusually complex or particularly urgent assignments, thus eliminating the need for the law firm client to strain its own staff resources.
  • Combines electronic searches with necessary on-site investigations, when necessary. Performs at substantially lower overall cost for large investigations than does the law firm's in-house electronic library.

We submit our findings, analysis, and recommendations to counsel in writing, or can send them by e-mail. When necessary, particularly in complex or urgent cases, we make informal progress reports by telephone at no extra cost. For additional information about ICI, its operations, history, policies or procedures, please visit our web site at www.icioffshore.com.

Contact Us Today

If you wish ICI to perform the Global Scan® service, please fill out the Inquiry Form in our Customer Services section. We must verify your licensure status and then forward a quote to you.

If you have any questions about Global Scan®, please contact us.


*** Provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Bank Privacy Act, and other local, state, federal and international laws may apply to some searches. By placing any order with ICI, the client represents that the client has fully complied with all local, state, federal and international laws and assumes all responsibility. ICI assumes no responsibility for determining whether the client is in compliance with these laws. We are not a Consumer Credit Reporting Agency and all of our reports are done as an agent to counsel and protected under the Attorney Work-Product Doctrine, the Attorney-Client Privileged Communications Doctrine and other privileges. Please note that ICI can only be engaged by licensed attorneys and does not work for the general public or any local, state or federal governmental agency. We make no exceptions to this policy. If you are not a licensed attorney or are employed in any capacity by a local, state or federal agency, please exit the site at this time. By placing any order, inquiry, transmission, email, or download through this or any related site, you agree that you have fully read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Investigative Consultants, Inc.

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