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What is the TerrorChek® service
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Our TerrorChek® service was developed for law firms representing some of the largest banks and financial services companies in the world. The system is intended to assure:

  • Compliance with Section 326 of the US Patriot Act
  • Compliance with the European Union's "Know Your Customer" initiative.
  • Verify a person's identity using over 1200 databases worldwide.
  • Conduct basic background investigation for derogatory data.

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In the TerrorChek® database, the system has:

  • Scans of over 70 lists of known and suspected terrorists and terrorists' organizations, including such US lists as Office of Foreign Asset Control and many others that are generated by 19 member countries.
  • Scans a series of 46 lists that includes references to persons involved in money laundering activity, persons who are debarred from any federal program and known drug kingpins.
  • Checks for Enforcement actions that is culled from databases that scan in excess of 200 national and regional data sources in over 55 different countries
  • A check of more than 500,000 individuals, companies and groups that have been subject to regulatory, administrative, civil and criminal actions around the world.
  • Probes for names of more than 45,000 Politically Exposed Persons (PEP's) from more than 220 countries.
  • An examination of the names of current or former senior officials of foreign governments, senior officials of major foreign parties and senior officials in military positions.

General Categories

TerrorChek® search includes a number of general modules or categories, as well as specific lists that we aggregate data from on a daily basis. Each database -- a constellation of about 81 -- is searchable by name only. We do post-processing analysis to cut down on false positives and false negatives. Please note that we also apply our own algorithms that sense iterations, idioms and transliteration problems which occur within certain cultural regions.

The general categories of data include:

  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Fraud
  • Arms Dealers
  • Money Laundering
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Terrorism

View the details of each category.

Internal and External Lists We use in TerrorChek® Search

We also aggregate data from other internal and external lists that have been amplified upon by us, using a relational database system that is intended to cut down on duplicate names and to also provide the client access to the ICI Deep Web Intelligence Database. These names are drawn from different general lists.

View all the different general lists we use.

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Costs of TerrorChek® Service

At present, searches are done in two stages: First, one must do a basic search to see whether a name appears on any list and we return all possible name combinations that fit the name provided. If a hit occurs, we must obtain a full report, and we provide all details that can be obtained on the subject.

This report DOES NOT guarantee that the subject under study is the same person as the person on any of the lists. While the report will provide the client the suspect's full names, identifiers, and other details, it is intended to be an ALERT only, with as many details that are publicly available so that either the client or ICI can investigate further. The next level of inquiry is discretionary and the client may wish to simply notify the Department of Homeland Security of a possible hit and refer them to our database center for follow up investigation. For pricing plans for TerrorChek® service and all of our products, which depend largely on the volume of use and method of access, please contact us for more details.

For more information regarding our Anti-Terrorism programs, please contact us.

The costs are highly dependent upon...

  1. Volume of searches per month. (Best pricing is at a minimum of 10,000 searches per month);
  2. Length of contract period (One year minimum, 10,000 per month, "use it or loose it");
  3. Whether we must design a direct query database platform program that is XML scaleable. (Designs are highly dependent on the client's server system, its platform, how they wish to access, how many users, whether they wish to use a Web Interface, etc.);
  4. The design of the client's search template to query our system. (We have many design fronts that are attractive, user friendly and very functional).

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