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General Categories in TerrorChek®

Politically Exposed Persons

How do you know whether an immediate family member of a corrupt PEP uses your firm to launder money?

Our PEP database can help you to verify whether Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are hiding in your client list. This database contains the names of over 50,000 individuals from virtually every country who are considered to be Senior Political Figures.

The database contains the profiles of current and former senior officials of governments, senior officials of major political parties and senior officials in military positions, senior officials of corporations owned by governments, their immediate family members and their close associates, including dates of birth, photographs, detailed source information, and other potential identifiers.

This service allows you to comply with international regulations such as Section 312 of the USA PATRIOT Act, Wolfsberg Principles, Basel Committee ) and verify the political involvement of your customers: Use TerrorChek® to see whether Senior Political Figures have account relationships that trace to the United States.


Money Laundering

Do you want to reduce your risk of accepting a client who uses your firm to launder money?

PricewaterhouseCoopers established in its 2003 crime survey that money laundering is one of the most feared economic crimes facing financial institutions today. In fact, one out of every six banks discovered money laundering in their institution in 2001 and 2002.

Let ICI help you to successfully meet this challenge. Our Money Laundering module compiles information from warnings by regulators, governmental agencies, court-cases, media reports and other sources. Information is presented in profile form to allow you to make quick and informed decision on the relevance of the data.



How do you determine whether one of your clients might be involved in fraud?

According to PwC's economic crime survey in 2003 the average loss from fraud was US$ 2,199,930 per company. Surprisingly enough, 40% of such fraud is discovered from coincidence rather than systematic approaches. Thus, how do you protect your company?

ICI gives you comprehensive profiles on individuals and companies involved in fraud. In many cases a date of birth and a picture allow you the positive identification on the spot and relieve you from additional efforts.


Drug Trafficking

Are you certain that no associate of a suspected or convicted drug-trafficker is amongst your clients?

Our drug-trafficking module contains the profiles of drug traffickers, their family members and their close associates, including dates of birth, photographs and other potential identifiers. Worldwide media and governmental sources are constantly monitored and used to compile information and build extensive profiles on this topic.


Arms Dealers

How do you think the public would react if it were discovered that your bank harbored an account for an arms dealer involved in the bombing of one of a government Embassy?

Our Arms-Dealing module contains the profiles of international arms dealers. The information is derived from official sources such as the FBI, EuroPol as well as from international media sources and is presented to you in profile form.



Would you like to accept a client who is a suspected terrorist based on an FBI report?

This module, called TerrorChek®, is an aggregated list of terrorists and most wanted criminals that includes the OFAC list, yet goes beyond it to include 71 discreet databases from around the world. The module contains profiles from individuals and companies that are black-listed by competent authorities like OFAC, FBI, Bank of England, United Nations, Financial Action Task Force, Interpol, to name just at a few.


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