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Identity Verification

IdentiChek®, DirectChek, IncomeTrust are three advanced services we provide our customers to confirm the identity of individuals and companies in U.S.A. and around the world.


IdentiChek®was developed for law firms representing some of the largest banks and financial services companies in the world. The system is intended to assure:

  • Compliance with Section 326 of the US Patriot Act
  • Compliance with the European Union's "Know Your Customer" initiative
  • Verify a person's identity using over 1200 databases worldwide
  • Conduct basic background investigation for derogatory data



DirectChek is one of Investigative Consultantís newest products, It is a service that allows for direct access to the computers of the Social Security Administration for verification of a personís name, date of birth and Social Security account number.



Investigative Consultants has created a legal means to verify the claimed income of persons seeking a business, employment or credit relationship, via direct access to tax records of the Internal Revenue Service. This product is known as IncomeTrust.


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