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Investigative Consultants has created a legal means to verify the claimed income of persons seeking a business, employment or credit relationship, via direct access to tax records of the Internal Revenue Service. This product is known as IncomeTrust™.

  • Eliminate applicants with less than accurate financial information
  • Decrease Loan Processing time and increase efficiency
  • Detect potential fraud and reduce risk of repurchase demands
  • Out-source to save costly man-hours and employee benefits
  • Eliminate careless mistakes that result in IRS rejections
  • Expedite underwriting by validating the accuracy of income information
  • Verify stated incomes, social security numbers, and employment status
  • Help our clients make more informed investigative decisions
  • Expedite transcript processing with the IRS, through daily bulk transfers on Investigative Consultants' secure socket server

Please note ...

All searches are carefully monitored and audited, and all information on any release is checked, including signatures. A release supplied by Investigative Consultants must be signed by all applicants. All orders must be processed by Investigative Consultants on its secure system. For a sample of the tax transcript that we are able to provide, please click here.

High Light of IncomeTrust

The turnaround time on this product is 24 to 48 hours. This is substantially less than the normal six week processing period when conventional release forms are sent to the IRS for manual searches. Our ability to obtain data from the IRS is not affected by the tax season, high caller volume, etc., as we do batch load delivery and retrieval.

The cost of IncomeTrust

The cost for the IncomeTrust search is $105 and includes all other Social Security account numbers that the subject has used, all addresses traced to his given Social Security account number, all names used by the subject, and any other identifiers.

If you have questions about any ICI Products, please contact us.

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