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ICI is an organization of professional researchers, intelligence analysts and investigators trained to collect and analyze information on individuals and corporations for law firms and multinational corporations. It conducts comprehensive database searches, develops an investigative strategy, and provides litigation management services. We are not information brokers, resellers or assemblers. We use databases as only one tool to prepare our analytical reports as intelligence professionals.

To give you, the attorney, an idea of the wide range of services that we offer, we invite you to examine our pull-down menu of the twenty (20) search domains we deal with.

Our imposing array of gateways, networks and databases ferrets out facts and forms the basis for our intelligence work. With access to over 9,000 electronic databases, our on-site searches in US and abroad enables us to download data into a main file server, prepare an analytical report, and export the information to our clients - all in one easy step.

If you wish to engage ICI for any of our multiple services, we invite you to fill out our pre-qualifying form. If you have already pre-qualified, we invite you to use our secured, on-line order form.

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