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KYC Investigation

ICI developed a matrix of five categories of searches, depending on the self-adjudged risk to the individual institution. The intensity of the searches and their placement into specific categories, is solely left to the sound discretion of the bank. In short, ICI "provides direction, but does not direct."


Global Scan®

All Global Scan® services include all computer time, research, post-processing intelligence analysis, expenses and report preparation. In short, one guaranteed price for all services that is cited in advance and pre-funded by the client.


Specialized In-Depth Searches

ICI can also conduct deeper probes, depending on the requirements of counsel, the facts of the case, the permissible purpose to obtain the information, and the intended end-user.In addition to the categories of data mentioned in the Global Scan®, ICI can, under certain circumstances provide a more in-depth report.


ICI Worldwide Deep Web Intelligence Center

ICI also uses its own proprietary tools to scan a system known as the ICI Worldwide Deep Web Intelligence Center. By way of background, the "Deep Web" - a vast reservoir of Internet content that is 500 times larger than known "surface" World Wide Web material. What makes the discovery of the Deep Web so significant is the quality of content found within it.


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