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KYC Investigation - The Simple Background Check

1st Level Search

In some cases, our foreign banking clients only wish to conduct a cursory or Category I evaluation but checking only a few data points. These included:

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Previous Address (If At Current Address For Less Than 2 Years)
  • Phone Number
  • SSN or ID Number, If Applicable
  • Alias If Any

Global Scan®

  • Global Scan® searches are often used by banks to conduct due diligence searches on large transactions or by a high income customer who wishes to check the background of people and companies.
  • Global Scan® are in-depth background searches or are considered Risk Category V searches.


2nd Level Search

The second and perhaps more compelling criterion for conducting any of the searches is the turnaround time for conducting the searches. The information must be accurate, but also timely, as customers will not tolerate long delays in the handling of their banking affairs. Finally, the information provider must have the ability to prove that the search results are correctly being reported to them by the ultimate source, accurately reported to the client, and are being retained in a secure environment so that a regulator can examine the results during any routine audit.

Often, the Private Banking Group has customers that are interested in determining the background of potential business associates, private health care providers, childcare service providers, and other personal needs. We have found that high-income families are potential targets of terrorist threats (both domestic and foreign) and therefore, prudence and discretion is advised until full background studies are considered.

*** Provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Bank Privacy Act, and other local, state, federal and international laws may apply to some searches. By placing any order with ICI, the client represents that the client has fully complied with all local, state, federal and international laws and assumes all responsibility. ICI assumes no responsibility for determining whether the client is in compliance with these laws. We are not a Consumer Credit Reporting Agency and all of our reports are done as an agent to counsel and protected under the Attorney Work-Product Doctrine, the Attorney-Client Privileged Communications Doctrine and other privileges. Please note that ICI can only be engaged by licensed attorneys and does not work for the general public or any local, state or federal governmental agency. We make no exceptions to this policy. If you are not a licensed attorney or are employed in any capacity by a local, state or federal agency, please exit the site at this time. By placing any order, inquiry, transmission, email, or download through this or any related site, you agree that you have fully read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Investigative Consultants, Inc.

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