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Global Scan®

We do a great amount of work in Southeast Asia, China, the Pacific Rim and many other countries. Our specialty is in asset searches, banking, financial and credit relationships, and conducting in-depth background studies on companies and individuals. Primarily, ICI conducts in-depth background searches of individuals and companies in over 122 countries using a multiplicity of methods and sources.

Most include electronic database files that are augmented by human intelligence. Each search starts with a formal written proposal that is based upon the name of the search target. The proposal is intended to be like a "data mapping" matrix and allows us to provide you the exact cost for the Global Scan®, the turnaround time, the amount of information that can be obtained, the length of the report, and what type of original class documents, if any, can be obtained.

Details on Global Scan®

ICI can conduct customized investigations upon individuals, organizations, companies and institutions that depend on your specific needs. You may view any of the in-depth data points here to be added to the Global Scan® searches.

Please note that some of these data points are included in the Global Scan® report, which is intended to be a broad based search of thousands of databases. Where there are duplicates, we will edit the request accordingly and adjust the price appropriately.

  1. Banking, financial and credit relationships, including addresses and names of institutions. Verification of account numbers, account history and relationship with other facilities.
  2. Real estate holdings, real estate trusts, and real property conveyances.
  3. Corporate affiliations, executive associations and self-confessed employment.
  4. Litigation, including criminal arrests in the subject's areas of residence.
  5. Newspaper, magazine, trade journal, and wire service reports.
  6. Known associates, family members and close friends who may be used to transfer or convey assets. Verification of all statistical identifiers, names, aliases, and other personal identifiers offered by customer.
  7. Identification of trade creditors, credit card companies, utility companies banks, or other entities that the target would be paying with some type of instrument. These searches do not include identification of the bank that a check is drawn upon, or the account number, just the bill that is being paid.
  8. Approximately 430 other searches can be done on companies or individuals, depending on the unique requirements of the customer or the bank.

How we change

ICI charges based upon each Global Scan® that is ordered but not on an hourly basis. We charge in this way because costs and fees are different from person-to-person and from company-to-company, depending on the quantity of the data that can be obtained, the countries involved, the translation needed, and the conversion of the coding so that counsel may be able to see the files that we gather and insert in our report.

We do not charge for formal proposals, when they are performed on less than three individuals or companies. In cases where we are asked to do a proposal for three or more persons, we only request reimbursement for our costs (long distance charges, international fax and raw database charges), but they are fully credited against any Global Scan® that the client may order on the same case.

Risk Category Matrix

When developing a Risk Category Matrix for our foreign bank clients, we provide the client a selection of 52 different kinds of searches that are sorted into the five categories of recognizable risk. Each category is priced separately and depends on country of residence, turnaround time and number of searches to be performed. We do have "packages of searches" that are divided by various categories, such as:

  1. Asset Search
  2. Background Searches
  3. Civil Litigation Search
  4. Criminal Litigation
  5. Locate Search

ICI's Services

We also have many other kinds of packages, that are priced based upon the package selected. The 22 different categories of searches are summarized at Full Service pull down menu.

Deeper in Global Scan®

Global Scan® is one of ICI's high performance products. We have a specific section on our website providing you more information on Global Scan®.

ICI can also conduct deeper probes, depending on the requirements of counsel, the facts of the case, the permissible purpose to obtain the information, and the intended end-user. In addition to the eight categories of data mentioned above, ICI can, under certain circumstances, provide a more in-depth report.

*** Provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Bank Privacy Act, and other local, state, federal and international laws may apply to some searches. By placing any order with ICI, the client represents that the client has fully complied with all local, state, federal and international laws and assumes all responsibility. ICI assumes no responsibility for determining whether the client is in compliance with these laws. We are not a Consumer Credit Reporting Agency and all of our reports are done as an agent to counsel and protected under the Attorney Work-Product Doctrine, the Attorney-Client Privileged Communications Doctrine and other privileges. Please note that ICI can only be engaged by licensed attorneys and does not work for the general public or any local, state or federal governmental agency. We make no exceptions to this policy. If you are not a licensed attorney or are employed in any capacity by a local, state or federal agency, please exit the site at this time. By placing any order, inquiry, transmission, email, or download through this or any related site, you agree that you have fully read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Investigative Consultants, Inc.

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