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Specialized In-Depth Searches

ICI can conduct customized investigations upon individuals, organizations, companies and institutions depending on your specific needs. You may select any or all of the following data points to be included in your search report. Please note that some of these data points are included in the Global Scan® report, which is intended to be a broad based search of thousands of databases.

Thus, one may consider the Global Scan® "a mile wide and an inch deep", while the following searches are more "a mile deep and an inch wide." The most comprehensive search that ICI can perform is the Global Scan® and all 55 of these data points. The cost, turnaround time, length of report, and type of information that is available is dependent upon the person or company to be searched. Each search starts with a proposal that must be rendered before any order is accepted.

What is a "proposal"?

A "proposal" is not a full scan, but an estimate of the cost to do a full Global Scan®. At ICI, we never charge for any proposals for our clients. Our proposals will provide you a few details regarding your subject. It is done this way to insure that we have targeted the correct person and therefore, can provide you an accurate estimate to do the full Global Scan® .

Data Points

  1. Social Security Numbers and DOB Search.
  2. Social Security Trace for all addresses, verify date of issuance, state of issuance and whether used regarding banking, financial or credit transaction.
  3. Date of Birth Records.
  4. Death Records.
  5. Change Of Name Records.
  6. Marriage and divorce Records.
  7. Criminal Records State or federal sealed or unsealed felony or misdemeanor.
  8. Warrants of Arrest.
  9. Order of Protection, domestic violence offender scans.
  10. Probation Records, special offender searches, including sex offender registries, or habitual offender status.
  11. Property Tax Records.
  12. Utility Bill Records.
  13. Current Address.
  14. Drivers License Information.
  15. Car Insurance Records.
  16. US Postal Service Forwarding Address Records.
  17. True owner of US Postal Service PO BOX Records.
  18. Magazines or Newsletters that you are the owner of. (Postal Records).
  19. Bulk Mail Permit records (US Postal Service).
  20. Magazines that someone may subscribe to.
  21. Books that are obtained from a library.
  22. Junk Mail/Catalogs register.
  23. Credit Card Records.
  24. Credit Records.
  25. Banking, financial and credit relationships that include name and address of bank.
  26. MVR Reports.
  27. TAG & VIN Traces.
  28. License Plates (Name and address can be found by doing a license plate search.
  29. Full Driving Records, including searches of National Major Offender Database.
  30. Military Records Search, including discharge status, branch job and rating, dates of Enlistment, Reasons for Discharge.
  31. List of Hospital admissions and possible diagnosis codes.
  32. Telephone Number Historical Index .
  33. Cell Phone Trace.
  34. Unlisted Phone Numbers Decodes.
  35. Illegal Alien Database Scan.
  36. Government Job Registration Scan.
  37. Worker's Compensation Settlement or Claim Scans.
  38. Automobile and Personal Injury Insurance Fraud Database.
  39. Real Estate, Co-Op and Full Title Search scan for 50 years.
  40. Leads for identifying hidden or secreted assets that are in the form of t-bills, bonds, stocks, "offshore" bank accounts, or funds in tax haven countries.
  41. College Records Search, verification of college attendance, degrees conveyed and special awards.
  42. Terrorist or Cult Member Dossiers.
  43. Professional Certification by various professional trade associations.
  44. Business Conduct Searches through databases such as Better Business Bureau.
  45. Federal Bankruptcy Database Scans, including whether cited in an adversarial proceeding, or as a claimant in any bankruptcy action by others.
  46. Catalogs, Mailing Lists, and Department Store searches.
  47. Employment Searches for a period of 20 years, including job titles and descriptions, addresses, and possible level of compensation.
  48. All Professional Licenses Scan and Business licenses, motor vehicle licenses, pilot licenses.
  49. Evictions and Tenant Landlord Database Scan.
  50. Voter Registration Database and scan of historic voting record.
  51. Email tracing service and complete Web Site Domain.

*** Provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Bank Privacy Act, and other local, state, federal and international laws may apply to some searches. By placing any order with ICI, the client represents that the client has fully complied with all local, state, federal and international laws and assumes all responsibility. ICI assumes no responsibility for determining whether the client is in compliance with these laws. We are not a Consumer Credit Reporting Agency and all of our reports are done as an agent to counsel and protected under the Attorney Work-Product Doctrine, the Attorney-Client Privileged Communications Doctrine and other privileges. Please note that ICI can only be engaged by licensed attorneys and does not work for the general public or any local, state or federal governmental agency. We make no exceptions to this policy. If you are not a licensed attorney or are employed in any capacity by a local, state or federal agency, please exit the site at this time. By placing any order, inquiry, transmission, email, or download through this or any related site, you agree that you have fully read and agree to the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Investigative Consultants, Inc.

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