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Investigative Consultants, Inc., is the premier database company that is dedicated to the legal, investigative and intelligence gathering professions. Simply put, clients come to us seeking answers to complex legal and regulation problems. We deliver simple solutions using the best available database programs on the market.

Identity Verification

How We Do It

ICI has its own relational database programs, algorithms, and applications that it custom designs for each complex problem. We own the patent rights, the technology and the intellectual property, which changes virtually monthly, a reflection of the private intelligence industry and the regulatory community.

In essence, we aggregate data from disparate database sources from around the world using our own search techniques and methodology. The result is a robust and comprehensive report that is better than any which is commercially available.

Our Terms

We will not work for the general public or for anyone that is not a licensed investigator, intelligence professional or attorney at law. We carefully check all subscribers as our data is restricted for access under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Graham-Leech-Bliley Act, the Driver' Privacy Protection Act, and other federal regulations. You must certify a permissible purpose for any search conducted our system.

All searches that you do are maintained on our servers for five years, and therefore, your searches can always be recovered so long as you have your password. We store your searches on our secure, encrypted servers at no cost to you.

All searches are billed to a credit card that must be entered on our application form. We check the credit card details against the application form to verify your identity. A charge is posted to your account of $50, which acts as a credit against all searches that are performed. If you do not conduct any searches, the money is refunded and your account is closed. If you do conduct searches, the costs are debited against the $50 charge. This is a one time charge-hold only.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact us.

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