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Our unique and proprietary IntenseRay® application is a global computer network that aggregates data from over 15,400 databases and focuses on deep background investigations of organizations, institutions and businesses. IntenseRay® focuses on the collection and acquisition of large data silos from commercial and non-commercial sources that are purchased on a site license basis by ICI, and then the data is pulverized for unique use by our programmers and developers so that we can provide a customized data solution for the customer.

For example, a customer may wish to do a comprehensive background search on all persons that are have Passports or VISAS in the country of Sudan, and will retain ICI to focus solely on obtaining the Passport, VISAs, or other referential data from the country of Sudan and aggregating that identity-based information against cell phone data or financial data in the same country; and then come up with a new database product.

IntenseRay® is the industry standard for the collection and acquisition of referential identity-based data from hostile regions around the world and then using that data intelligence to build commercial and non-commercial applications for its customers.

Normally, all searches start with a basic scan of our systems and sources. This search permits us to cite the costs for obtaining all other information within each "information corridor" that may be identified during the initial scan. It also enables the ultimate client to maintain control of the scope, direction, and cost of a more extensive investigation. Each proposed search item is listed at the end of initial report. Each prospective assignment is a customized project and we prepare individual proposals that are tailored to the needs of counsel. All proposals are complimentary and there is no obligation by the client to proceed at the proposal level. When you feel it is appropriate, we would be honored to provide you a complimentary proposal regarding a possible search target.

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