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Attorney's Restricted Access Database System (The ARADS® Service)

In today's world, the issue is not too little information, but rather too much. How one sifts through a mountain of data to ferret out relevant, material and useful facts has become an art in knowledge management.

As a result of the complexities of data-overload, the Attorney's Restricted Access Database System (The ARADS® Service) was developed exclusively for attorneys in order to conduct advanced searches pertaining specifically to litigation needs. This system is one of the largest Web-based hyperlink libraries in the world with a programmatic search vehicle that enables counsel to examine a growing list of over 40,000 hyperlinks worldwide that have been culled from millions of Internet sites.

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The ARADS® Service is a membership only, restricted site. In order to access the database, attorneys may purchase one of four levels of service product. The fee structure for The ARADS® Service is determined by the level of search product desired.

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The ARADS® Service is intended only for licensed attorneys and general counsels. We do not allow access to any local, state, or federal governmental agency. All communications between counsel and ICI is considered privileged.

We do not allow advertisers on the ARADS® service and do not promote one site over another. ICI does not warrant or guarantee anything about these sites and specifically disclaims all liability of any type for searches done by counsel at these sites.

Access to The ARADS® Service is based upon a site license that is purchased on a subscription basis only. A site license is granted to one attorney only and passwords or user names cannot be shared. The IP address of the computer is recorded upon the site license. Passwords and access codes are changed each month to prevent unauthorized access. To read our Terms and Conditions at ICI Terms and Conditions page

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